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Our Company

Dear reader,

Company Across Trade s.r.o. was established in year 2008 as a answer to our first customers who were looking for responsible, efficient and on time working attitude in organization of road transportation. Thanks to them our company became strong player on Italian, Czech, Polish and Slovak market of transportation and now we offer our services to still growing number of customers.

Responsible and professional communications with our clients is one of the main goals of our business. Our employees have been working in the field of forwarding for many years, so our clients can trust their skills, experiences and reliability. It is one of our biggest advantaged to be able to communicate with our client in their native language.

Our goal is to offer excellent service. That is the reason why we provide forwarding services with the highest care and we only choosing the best companies to cooperate with us to reach this aim. The grace of our cooperation with our subcontract companies is reward with responsibility and precision of their work.

Marcel Polak